Saturday, May 21, 2016

Summer Vacation...What I Should Do Versus What I Want to Do

I'm reflecting on another school year that passed by even more quickly than the previous one. I'm finding myself crawling to the finish line trying to make sense of all the meaningful, challenging work the children did, and thinking about all the ways I want to adjust for next year. Preparing for summer, I'm making lists, just like I do during the year, but you might find this list a little surprising:

What I want to do this summer:
  1. Work on refining and writing new units for my Spanish program.
  2.  Revise my system for giving feedback.
  3. Write a couple of really great IPAs.
  4. Attend amazing PD--so many to choose from--which one?!
What I should(and will) do this summer:
  1. Read non-school related books(really).
  2. Shuffle around and pick at my garden(in pajamas with endless coffee).
  3. Have travel adventures with my daughter.
  4. Go camping.
I admit it, I am in love with my work--I'm obsessed with it. It's so hard for me to step away for a length of time as it always feels like there's so much to do, so much to learn, so much, so much, so much.   But, no engine can run forever without fuel. We need a break. I need a break.  In introducing so much innovation --by tossing the textbook, writing curriculum, building a proficiency based program, I've teetered on burnout and I need to step back and reconnect with my non-school self.

I am going to focus on the should list(I'm sure my young daughter will appreciate it, too), so I can revisit that Want List feeling refreshed, ready, and focused. For me. And for the children.